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Lighting your event

Lighting stages, theatres and ballrooms requires more than a set of lights and a tracer these days.  The lighting has to be closely tied to the sound design, AV equipment and stage direction.

This is why Euroka chose to work with a major player in event lighting: HighLite. No matter the nature or size of your event, you can count on priceless technical know-how and the equipment you need.


Your benefits

• One-stop-shopping: one company for all your lighting, sound and stage equipment as well as the consumables you might need.

• A team of experts to guide you through the technical choices.

• Pro equipment that guarantees a good quality-price ratio: HighLite, DAP, Showtec and DMT.


From lights to speakers, not forgetting the audio cables and connectors

Euroka supplies everything you need to put your stage lights in place and the lightshow you need to create the right atmosphere for your particular event: stroboscopes, PARcans, tracers, laser effects, blinders… not forgetting the sound system that is inevitably needed.

So there’s no need to cross town searching for speakers, audio cables, video equipment or screens. What’s more, you’ll find everything you need for the staging of your event space at Euroka.


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Created in 2009, Euroka directly focused its energy on finding the best prices for the best brands in lightbulbs, LEDs, fluocompact lights and other light fixtures. Since the early days, Euroka not only acquired experience and know-how, it also broadened its team to include several technical experts. As a result, the company offers you the best brands at the best prices – but above all very detailed support for all your lighting projects.

From an obsession for quality to consultancy

Obsessed by quality, Euroka very quickly understood that the best lighting brands, even at the best prices, was not enough.

Service, advice, follow-up and professional support for lighting projects then became the strong points of Euroka.

At the service of shops, museums, hospitals, municipalities, ministries…

Museum curators, managers of retail or hotel chains, event mangers or design departments, architects, installers; all of them find a responsive, professional partner in Euroka, one that can support their lighting projects.