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Lighting your LIFE

Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shopping and administrative centres, shops, schools, universities, private homes… Euroka is your ideal supplier/wholesaler in bulbs and frames.

What’s more, Euroka can also provide precious advice so as to optimise your light sources and guide you in your choices.


Your benefits

• All your bulbs and frames in one place.

Every type of bulb: LED, halogen, incandescent, fluo-compact, medical…

• Only bulbs of guaranteed quality from the best brands: Philips, Osram, Radium, Megaman, Sylvania, General Electric, Venture…

Choose your frames from brands such as: SLV, Astro Lighting…

Experts and a design team at your service to install more specific lighting (safety, technical or decorative).

Personalised and rapid service for optimising your light sources.

• Very attractive prices.


Euroka’s re-lamping service

Euroka can replace your lamps and bulbs on-site. Two formulae are offered.

Simple re-lamping

With this service, Euroka replaces broken bulbs by identical bulbs. Your benefit? Everything is handled for you and you are sure of enjoying the same lighting effect after the re-lamping.

LED re-lamping

LED technology now offers very high-performance, enjoyable lighting. To successfully migrate from conventional lighting to one based on LED appliances, you can count on our know-how and personalized advice. The result: a very rapid return on investment thanks to the long life of LED bulbs and serious energy savings over time.

Lighting control by Euroka

Indispensable for: optimising your lighting management; piloting the times with and without light; increasing or decreasing the lighting depending on the ambient luminosity; the installation of a lighting control system is essential. Euroka can implement this powerful tool for you.

Architectural lighting

Euroka is also your partner when it comes to implementing the lighting of façades. Together with you, we find the best way to optimise your light sources and create successful and affordable solution for your buildings and façades.

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Created in 2009, Euroka directly focused its energy on finding the best prices for the best brands in lightbulbs, LEDs, fluocompact lights and other light fixtures. Since the early days, Euroka not only acquired experience and know-how, it also broadened its team to include several technical experts. As a result, the company offers you the best brands at the best prices – but above all very detailed support for all your lighting projects.

From an obsession for quality to consultancy

Obsessed by quality, Euroka very quickly understood that the best lighting brands, even at the best prices, was not enough.

Service, advice, follow-up and professional support for lighting projects then became the strong points of Euroka.

At the service of shops, museums, hospitals, municipalities, ministries…

Museum curators, managers of retail or hotel chains, event mangers or design departments, architects, installers; all of them find a responsive, professional partner in Euroka, one that can support their lighting projects.